The Difference Between Howard And Rudd?

The main difference is that Howard fights for what he believes is best for Australia even if it’s against popular opinion. Rudd on the other hand fights for what he believes will get him the most votes.

Let’s take the Kyoto Protocol for an example. Dear old Rudd has ridiculed Howard for his stand on not signing it and I am sure he approves it only because it popular with most of the Aussies. It would be easier for Howard to go with the flow and give into public opinion but he has decided that it’s in Australia’s best interest not to sign off on the deal, and he stands by it.

As it turns out, it seems that British scientist Gwyn Prins agrees. Professor Prins spoke on ABX radio saying.

It’s nice to have someone to kick and if that someone to kick looks like Mr. Bush or, in the domestic case of Australia, looks like Mr. Howard, then people who don’t like them for other reasons will find Kyoto a useful bladder to bash them over the head.

In regards to not signing up with Kyoto the professor says,

I’m afraid the inconvenient truth is they did the right thing.

The worlds worst biggest polluters include China and according to Rudd we, regardless of the consequence, should sign and lead by example. What a waste if our example was ignored.

Yes, Howard is well know for standing up for his beliefs, even when it may cost him an election, if he believes it’s for the good of the country. Will Rudd do the same? Only time will tell.

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