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I have a Top Blog List that had achieved a PR4, but unfortunately for the site it was Google Slapped to PR0 because it was part of my Blogsire Blog. It seems that once Google takes a disliking to a particular domain then all other sites linked to that domain are also forced to wear the loss in rank. I waited awhile to see if I would get the link back but it seems that it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

I therefore decided to start a new Blog List called Cool Blog Links listed on it’s very own domain,! The intention is to build this list to a PR4 or better so that all members can get some advantage out of it. Membership is free but there is a requirement to install a small snippet of code that will allow your visitors to vote for your blog. It will also keep track of various statistics so that you can see how you stack up with the other Cool Blog Link members.

I decided to host it with Web Hosting Pad because I found they offered a really great deal that included a free domain for life. That in itself will amount to quite a saving.

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