Moving? Do Your Homework Before Selecting Your Moving Company

I reckon the worst thing about moving house is finding the right company to move all your prized possessions. The last thing you want is a bunch of inept morons throwing your belongings in a back of a moving truck with absolutely no thought of the condition they will be in upon arriving at your new home. It may well be a good idea to find a well respected local moving company, so if your in San Fransisco then perhaps your best bet would be to choose moving companies San Francisco style.

Price may not always be a factor, as the cheapest is not necessarily the best. When talking to the different moving companies you may want to ask them about what type of insurance cover they have if any. Perhaps they may even have a list of past customers that you could talk to. There’s nothing wrong with checking the internet to see if there are any bad reports about any particular company. Remember, it’s a big move, so take the time to get all your facts right before making your choice.

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  1. HermanTurnip

    When I purchased my last (current) house, the movers I hired wanted to change me $1 per foot of bubble wrap to protect my furniture. What the heck?! They wanted to nickel and dime me to death. Needless to say I wrapped up the furniture as best I could with towels and blankets. Next time, I’m moving myself!

  2. Sire

    Man, that’s a bit over the top. You would have thought it would be included in the cost. Heck, they probably used the same bubble wrap they used on the last job.

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