Is It Really OK To Call Someone A Wog In Australia

It’s been reported in the Sydney Morning Herald that according to the federal Arts Minister, George Brandis, it’s OK to call someone a “wog” today as it is no longer considered offensive or racist because Australians are better at laughing at themselves. AS far as I am concerned this guy is a joke. As a so called “wog” (my parents are Italian) unless the person using the word is someone I know and depending on the context I can still find it extremely offensive.

I don’t know what planet this guy is on but it’s definitely not Planet Earth. Apparently he made this comment as he enjoys “Wogs out of Work” style comedy. The difference there is that the show is all about wogs making fun not only at them selves but at those around them. I feel it is still considered rude and offensive for an outsider to use the term.

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  1. Craig

    The “wogs” in Australia have caused themselves to be discredited, the actions and antics of the lebanese wogs in Cronulla in 2005 was enough to show the disrespect the wogs have for Australia.

    It needs to be understood that the Australia is owned by the white Australians and the wogs were brought here to work.

    The wogs were offered an opportunity to work and live in Australia and should always remember that fact.

    Sadly the wogs have now impregnated the political ranks with idiots like Moris Dilemna, Costa, Tripodi and Sator that have an alternative motive to destroy the heritage of Australia and make Australian a multicultural mess.

    The damage that the wogs have caused is evident everywhere, it has now become impossible to go through a day in the life of an Australian without encountering a wog wearing a vale or arguing over the price of an item in a retail store.

    The wogs have destroyed the great Australian way and the culture that was created by the white Australians.

    Australia will never be the same again because of the wogs that have ruined Australia.

    The message to the wogs in Australia GO HOME!

    1. peter

      all you brainless so called australians are all from pommie land , and you seem to be proud of the fact you slaughtered and treated the original people of this land like dogs.
      there are only two types of people, scum bags, and decent people.
      skin colour and origin have nothing to do with it.

      1. Chris

        I disagree with you here, Peter. And agree with the anti-wog sentiments. All my experience thus far with wogs is bad. They walk in packs, with ridiculous haircuts, think they’re so flipping fine.

        Maybe my definition of wog is a bit different. I’d akin wogs to diseases and bacteria, but not to italian/greek people. I have a few friends of italian/greek ancestry and they do not behave like the wogs above mentioned. Sensible folk, and calling them a wog would be in humour.

        1. Sire

          Hi Chris, thanks for your comment mate. Unfortunately Craig lumps every non-Australian, including Italians and Greeks, under the same category and feels they should all be shipped out. I agree that there are some lowlifes around but that can also be said of some Aussies. To tar everyone with the same brush just because of a minority that are causing mayhem would not be fair.

          1. Will Harris

            I had to add 8 & 7 together in order to post to this blog as a prerequisite for writing it. I wasn’t sure if that was a test to make sure I wasn’t a computer worm or a test to see if I am smart enough to post on your blog.


            One of your other posts (Ned’s site) led me to this blog. I’m from the United States, so forgive my bad spelling & my lack of knowledge of your culture. Being an African American, I found it quite interesting that what I read about your “wogs” seemed to be quite similar to our American version of “nigger”.

            Reading some of the blogs…I couldn’t help but chuckle a little laugh at how absurd the justifications of this classification based on what it was founded upon. And, then I became embarrassed thinking that other people in the world must laugh at the States for referencing the “n-word” too.

            I guess ignorance has no geographic boundaries. Far be it of me to tell some other country how to treat each other…but, I am not shy about telling one man how to treat another man. Here’s my advice to anyone willing to ponder it….

            “I cannot say that I have never pre-judged or post-judged another human being before. But, I have become a little bit more tolerant and patient in my old age ( 37 years old) when I ask myself one question….’If I grew up like them, would I had been any different from them?’ In most cases, the answer is NO!”

            And, with that understanding I began to be a little less judgmental and say, “Only by sheer luck…am I not what I ridicule.”

            I hope my point of view offends no one…and I will leave you with what I understand to be your version of our “Peace Out!”…..CHEERS, MATE!

  2. Sire

    Unfortunately you are lumping all the ‘wogs’ under the same banner. Those who came to Australia in my parents time have assimilated well and have helped to make Australia what it is today.

    I don’t know where you live, but I have never come across these problems in my neck of the woods.

  3. Craig

    The wogs in Australia were invited to Australia to work and live and should never forget that they were offering the opportunity to work and live but not rule.

    Working in Australia does not give anyone the claim that they built the country.

    We have had nothing but problems with the wogs as they continue to penetrate our country and lose.

    Multiculturlism simnply “does not work” take a close look at the damage that Morris the ItI Dilemna has done to N.S.W this IDIOT gave direct instrustions to the Police Commissioner during the Cronulla “Lebanese” attacks to not charge any middle eastern people.

    This idiot should be deported back to Italy immediately wher his dunp communist father raised him.

    I guess Morris is the WOG role model and mentor!

    I can’t wait to see this idiot fall.

    All of Australia will be happy when the wogs leave politics and allow the Australians to govern Australia.

    In short if wogs want to live in Australia they should assimilate, be seen (maybe) and NOT HEARD!

  4. Craig

    To be quite honest I would like to see all wogs and their off spring uplifted and returned to their homeland.

    GO HOME!

  5. Craig

    And I guess it won’t be long before some winging screaming wog will be screaming “RACIST” well that will just about say it all…

    The wogs don’t like it when they are exposed, the truth is the Australian population has had a gut full of the wogs and would gladly see them gone.


  6. Craig

    Take a look at the suburb of “Lebkemba” the wogs in this case have dominated a complete suburb with violence, crime and have transformed what was once a great suburb to a haven of terrorists and musilm trash.


    It has defaced Australia and the Australian way and it is time that the Australian government put their foot down and passed legislation to assimilate or GO HOME!

    And if you think that this is not what the “un silent” Australian community is thinking you are diluded.


  7. Craig

    The birth place of this blog was a wog with too much to say not liking being called a wog…

    It is really simple!

    Don’t like being called a wog then pull your head in and be thankfull you are in Australia and respect the Australian way of life and keep your mouth shut!

    The wogs have done enough damage in Australia we don’t need to hear your venomous views.


  8. Sire

    So I reckon that as the aboriginals are the true Australians we should just let them take the leadership roles. Most other Aussies were descendants of the English criminals who were forced to colonize Australia.

    As for “Working in Australia does not give anyone the claim that they built the country”, that is true, but for all those immigrants who came here and worked their guts out adding millions to the economy I think they have done a hell of a lot more than the dole bludgers who are nothing but parasites who believe that the country owes them.

    I agree that their a problem with some immigrants but this is exasperated by the do gooders who push political correctness so as to not offend the minority.

    The problem is not with the “wogs” as you put it but with those do gooders who tie the hands of those who could correct the situation.

    What we need is a party with balls who can stand up against them and do what is best for the country. Unfortunately they voted them out and put Morry’s mates in.

    Also I have no problem with the term wogs except when people use it in a derogatory manner and even then I revert to the old “sticks and stones” mantra.

    The fact that I was born here and love this country gives me as much right as anyone to speak my mind and to live my life without fear of recrimination from anyone.

  9. Di Hill

    I didn’t agree with Senator George Brandis. If the term is used to someone who doesn’t mind being called a “wog” it is OK, but if it is being used in a derogatory manner, or if the person being called a wog is offended by the term, then it is offensive. Some folk are more sensitive than others sure, but I think anyone using such terms should be very careful when and where they use it. Best not to use it at all.

  10. Craig

    I agree Di best that there are no wogs and therefore the term would not be used!

  11. Pussy Willow

    I’m from the U.S. so I don’t really know all the details of the issues in Australia. I will say though that there are many people in the U.S. who would take Craig’s stand against Mexicans and Blacks. Here’s the thing, there are just as many whites in the U.S. living in ghettos that they created, just as many whites in the U.S. involved in crime, on welfare, you name it. And I’m willing to bet that the same is true in Australia. It doesn’t matter what ethnic you are, people are people, the world over. Some are good and some are worthless. To condemn an entire group of people because of their race or ethnic is to show your ignorance and it leaves me wondering just who you would blame for the state of the country if you got your way and all the minorities that you hate were actually removed? Gosh, it seems you’d have no one to blame but your own little select group.

  12. Craig

    It doesn’t surpise me that an American would interject in this blog we have seen the destruction all over the world from the power freak yanks that interfer with the affairs in other countries.

    Without doubt the state of the economy in Australia with rising interest rates and petrol prices going through the roof has been caused by the United States and the worst President the U.S has ever seen in George Bush.

    The whole world knows that George Bush is an IDIOT!

    Every time George Bush opens his mouth he shows the world just what a complete idiot he is.

    The whole Iraq war was a lie and the world knows it, he is a power freak I think he considers himself as the President of planet earth.

    The yanks should put their attention m their own country and stay out of everyone elses business.

    Take a close look at themselves the yanks are far from perfect.

    It would be in Australia’s best interest to dissassociate from the U.S.

    The U.S are the trouble makers of the world.

    Take Donald Trumps advise…

    Bush YOU”RE FIRED!

  13. ms.zola

    I have heard the term wog, but didn’t know what it meant or that it was a derrogatory remark. I think that name calling is wrong, but I also believe that immigrants need to adapt to the country they immigrate to and quit trying to change the culture to fit their beliefs. Try going to an Arab country and doing it. If they want to live and work in Australia or the USA then they live like we do or don’t come here.

  14. Craig

    Thank you ms.zola you hit the nail on the head…

    Now all you have to do is get the owgs out of politics in Australia and pass legislation that any wog that does not conform with the Australian cultural values is deported, that includes any form of protesting.

    All non christian churches should be demolished and it should also be made illegal to speak any language other than english in Australia that included public and non public places.

    Either assimilate or…


  15. Craig

    I would like to reveal to all the underlying attitude of the Italian loud mouth that started this blog…

    Here is hos final comment (refer to the opening of the blog)
    “I feel it is still considered rude and offensive for an outsider to use the term”.

    It is very evident from his closing remark that he considers that the Australians are “outsiders” this Italian fool seems to think that the within his own community the use of the term wog is fine but geniune Australians cannot use the term…

    This fool wouldn’t have enough brains to give himself a headache just in case he still doesn’t understand Australia is ruled by Australians it is our country he and his Italian family have been invited here firstly to work and secondly to live “IF” they can assmilate and adapt to the Australian way of life.

    He obviously thinks he can establish a set of rules for himself and his Italian wog community and impose a different set of rules for the Australians IN OUR COUNTRY!

    Who does this dimwit think he is???

    It is very simple adapt, shut up and assimilate or…


  16. Sire

    I think I have let you rave on enough and as all you can say is GO HOME WOGS, it seems you have very little else to say.

    Let me put a few things straight.

    1. “I feel it is still considered rude and offensive for an outsider to use the term”. As usual you have taken this out of context. I am not calling Aussies outsiders at all, except for the fact that they are not part of the wog group. We as wogs call each other wogs and we do it in fun. Even my many Aussie friend use the term loosely in front of me because they do it in a good natured way. You on the other hand have been using it in a deragatory manner in such away that you mean to offend.

    2. I am an Australian and I consider this my country because I was born here.

    3. My family have assimilated here 100% and have in no manner tried to change any of the Aussie traditions, in fact we have incorporated them as our own.

    I could go on but I reckon it would only fall on deaf ears so as far as I am concerned this discussion is ended.

  17. Pussy Willow

    Well, I’m certainly not surprised that Craig chose to sound off on the current state of the U.S. government. Anyone that can read knows what a mess it’s in. And I’m certainly not surprised that he feels justified in telling people to butt out because they don’t live in Australia. After all, he feels justified in telling people to get out of Australia just because their ancestors weren’t transported as convicts to the continent when it was nothing more than a penal colony. Wow, I really don’t get the sense of pride he feels over that.

    Frankly, I think anyone who works, pays taxes and builds a life in a country has the right to claim that they belong to that country. Their work and their taxes contribute to the overall good of that country and that makes them bonified citizens of that country.

    I’d also like to say that Sire is a dear, dear blogging friend of mine. I know him almost as well as I know many of the people I see and socialize with every day (and I like him quite a bit better than some of those people), so his issues are, in fact, my issues and my business until he tells me otherwise. I hold him in the highest regard and will stop commenting on his blogs when he tells me my comments are no longer welcome and not before.

    1. joolz

      Poor old convicts, their only crimes mostly were stealing a loaf of bread!!

  18. spookyyank

    Boy, that Craig is some kind of idiot, huh? Surely, he’s a lonely, loser who has no one else to listen to his hatred and ignorance. I’m sure everyone has noticed that his remarks all came within minutes of each other. Sad, it’s really sad, because for the most of it, he was only arguing with HIMSELF!

    I think you’re right, Pussy Willow. Idiots like that never understand that it’s their hatred that perpetuates the bad things in this world. Instead of demanding that the “minorities” leave, why doesn’t HE???? I’m sure he wouldn’t be missed! Well, as long as he doesn’t come to the U.S.!

    Naw, he’s just a lonely, loser, idiot with too much time on his hands and no one else to listen to his crazy.

    Oh, and for the record Craig – the owner of this blog pointed out that he was born in Australia! Clearly, you’re stupid as well as illiterate! (*uh, that means unable to read*) You sad, sad, LITTLE man.

  19. spookyyank

    My email reported another comment by that imbicile, but I see that it’s now gone. Probably just as well, since his ravings are only good for dark entertainment! I did get to see what the contents were and could only laugh at what he considers an argument!
    “Anytime a Yank opens his mouth they spew their venom over everyone.”

    And this after he’d done nothing but spew his own venom! It’s laughable! It really is! But, ignorant people like that always get their ass-hairs in a twist when someone calls them on their bigotry and racism. Whenever they are put in their place – well, THEN it’s WRONG to be hatefull! I suppose I hurt his feelings with my comment. People like that rarely have it in them to handle retorts to their stupidity. “Yank wank??? Is that really supposed to be an insult??? What a clown he is! Go on and dance little clown! We need all the laughs we can get!

    But, to my friend, Sire – say the word and I’ll drop the matter. I just couldn’t help myself. I’m not even remotely offended by his ranting, but still had to remark to that comment he’d made! It was just too funny and ridiculous to ignore!

  20. Sire

    I did actually delete it because I found it too abusive and offered nothing new. I am honestly surprised that this post has offended someone so much to the extent that he wants everyone out of Australia except true blooded Australians. Sounds a bit like Hitler and I though the world was past that.

  21. spookyyank

    I assumed that and for that reason. You never can tell with people and that one is certainly the WORST that OZ has to offer. At least, from this side of the pond, he seems to be part of a very small minority. Thank goodness for that!

  22. Mitch

    Wow, who’d have ever thought,… Craig was something else, and it almost seems like he was fake, if you know what I mean. Until reading this post, I had thought only Aborigines had problems in Australia because that’s the only press we ever get here in the U.S. Your Arts Minister is a fool, Sire; I hope you guys get the opportunity to vote him out. Did he ever apologize for saying it?

    Mitch’s last blog post..Talking RSS Feeds

  23. Sire

    Not that I know of. Fortunately people like Craig are a minority.

  24. Craig

    The final word:

    If all nationalities stayed in their own countries there would be no problems in the world


  25. Mitch

    And you’ll be leaving when, Craig, since the only nationality that really can lay claim to Australia are the Aborigines? Or were your ancestors among the first criminals kicked out of Europe and sent there to rot?

    Sire, it might be time,… you know,…

  26. Craig

    I won’t be going anywhere, it is the white Australians that made Australia, when the wogs were invited here to work they should have been paid and sent back home when the work was complete.

    There will be a civil war in Australia one day and the wogs will get their arse kicked!

    That day I will look forwrad to very much.

  27. Sire

    Honestly, if this view of yours was so popular, then why is it that you are the only one that is expressing it? I do not see it anywhere is the press or any other media. If anything it is the reverse. Premier Rann is even speaking about have 50,000 immigrants brought in from the Philippines, not to mention the general immigration intake that the federal Government supports.

  28. Jeff

    I am from the UK and there are more people than I’d like who have similar views to Craig. Even a party dedicated to them – BNP. Although I understand how these feelings occur with increasing immigration an asylum seekers who do not try to integrate into the society they have joined. I do believe that immigration does need to be controlled and I like the Australian method of needing a job or required skill set before you can emigrate to it (correct me if that is wrong as I have no personal experience of it).

    My own opinion is that if you voluntarily move to another country you should respect their values, customs and laws. You should do your best to integrate by learning the language and socialising with the local community. This does not mean you should forgo your own customs or religion as long as it doesn’t break your new countries laws. I believe the British and certainly the English (I am English by the way) are one of the worlds worst at integrating into other countries. You only have to look at the Ex-pats in Spain who have created a mini-England along the Costa del Sol. This breeds animosity within the local community which I suspect will never be totally avoided but it can be subdued by better integration.

    What is also required is respect from the indigenous population. They have to understand that it takes time for immigrants to integrate and learn the language and should assist if they can. It would also be nice if they could show an interest in other countries beliefs and value systems. I have been horrified at the anti-muslim hatred that has grown due to extremist groups. Most people whatever the race, colour or beliefs just wish to live there life on equal footing as those around them. I am not talking about wealth but respect.

    I am not a religious person but respect the values of many religions. One saying that can be found in many is ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. This is something all people could benefit from following.

  29. Sire

    You are so right Jeff, and whilst it may be harder for older immigrants to integrate with the community it is a lot easier for their offspring. Unfortunately it’s people like Craig who make it hard for them to feel a part of the community and so the band together with others of their part of the world and then we have a us against them attitude and this is where the problems start.

    As for immigration rules in Australia, I think you are correct except for when it involves asylum seekers.

    If only we could learn to live together and accept each others differences. Thanks for the comment mate.

  30. Sire

    @ Will Harris. Thanks for the great comment mate. Your right about ignorance having no geographic boundaries, no matter where you go you are bound to find some jerk that just wants to ruin your day.

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