It’s Bullshit The Way Women Treat Men

Let’s face it guys, us poor blokes have definitely got to be the underdogs when it comes to the way we are treated by the so called ‘weaker sex’! Sorry girls, but I don’t care what you say, its damn hard being a man. Shit, what chance have we got when women have it all over us?

Men all through the the ages have been seen as being the protectors of women, yet ever since the burning of the bras we have to be extremely careful of what we do or even say. If we put a woman on a pedestal and try to protect her from the rat race, you’re considered a male chauvinist pig. If you stay at home and do the housework, your a bloody pansy. If you work too hard trying to give them the lifestyle they have come to expect then we are selfish and uncaring because we don’t have any time for her and the kids. Hell I would rather spend time with them but then I would get my arse kicked because I am not providing for their need.

If, on the other hand, we don’t work hard enough, you’re a good for nothing layabout. If we have a boring repetitive job with low pay, we should get off our asses and find something better. If a man gets a promotion ahead of her, that is favoritism, if she gets promotion ahead of a man, that is equal opportunity.

The workplace is a minefield ready to explode in regards to the way we handle ourselves around women. If we mention how nice she looks, that is sexual harassment, if we keep quiet, that is typical male indifference. Shit it doesn’t get any better when we get home either, as we still have to take care of what we say or do. If we cry, we’re a sheila, if we don’t, we’re an insensitive bastard. If a man thumps her, that’s wife bashing. If she thumps him, that’s self defense. If he makes a decision without consulting her, he’s a chauvinist, if she makes a decision without regard for his feelings, then she’s a liberated woman. If he asks her to do something she doesn’t enjoy that is domination, if she asks him, its a favour.

If we appreciate the female form and sexy underwear, we’re sexual perverts, if we don’t notice, we’re poofters. If we like a woman to keep in shape and shave her legs, that is sexist, if we don’t care that is unromantic. If we try to keep ourselves in shape, that is vanity, if we don’t we’re slobs. If we buy flowers, we’re after something, if we don’t we’re forgetful. If we are proud of our achievements, we’re up ourselves, if we aren’t we’re not ambitious. If we ask for a cuddle we never think of anything else but sex. If we’re totally whacked after a bad day at the office, then we never give a stuff about other people’s needs.

If she has a headache, its because she is tired. If he has a headache, its because he doesn’t love her anymore. If we want it too often, we’re oversexed, if we can’t perform on cue there must be someone else. If we tell the truth, “Honey does this dress make my ass look big?”, we’re bastards, if we don’t then we will get it in the end after the party and some so called girl friend commented on her poor choice of clothes.

I tell you gals, its bloody hard being a man. And now for a short poll and you can actually select two answers so that you can also vote if you liked this post. :laugh_tb:


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    1. BS Artist

      Mitch me old son, you would have to be one poor slob to have to deal with all the above diatribe, but I reckon that most men have had to put up with at least one of them.

  1. Christine Senter

    Now honey, not all women are like that. Yes, there are a lot of us that are, but not all of us.

    My hubby works very hard to provide a good life for our family, and I appreciate all he does for us. If I’m dumb enough to actually ask if I look fat in something, he’s not shy about telling me and I’d rather him be honest than lie to me.

    If I catch him checking out another woman, at least I know he hasn’t gone too soft and I know where he’ll be at the end of the day. I’m not worried about that at all.

    Chin up, my friend. Though we are few and far between, there are a few of us out here that haven’t completely lost our minds. Then again, I’ve never been one to be normal. LOL

    Great post honey.

    1. BS Artist

      Hey Christine, what makes you think that I am the poor sod on the end of all the whip flailing wife?

      1. Christine Senter

        I don’t sweetie. I was just using my personal situation as an example.

        And I know several women who fit your profile to a T.

  2. Claudia

    I’m always amused when a man rants about how victimized and unfairly he is treated by women when MEN, in both history and the present day, are the rapists, muderers, fascist dictators, serial killers, child molesters, the Nazis and war-mongers the world over. They commit more violence and abuse and bloodshed than women could even dream of.

    But you are so right. We women are the evil torturers who make mens’ lives pure hell. Go tell that to the women of the Congo who are raped daily at the hands of men, or the adolescent girls who are stalked by Internet perverts.

    Talk about a “load of bullshit”!

    1. BS Artist

      Get a grip Claudia, the whole thing was tongue in cheek. You must be the first one who has taken it seriously. :doh_tb:

      1. Claudia

        That’s a lot of hostility for “tongue in cheek”. But hey, whatever floats your boat 🙂

        1. BS Artist

          I am sorry if the post offended you as that certainly wasn’t the intention, and after re-reading it I could not see any reference to “hostility” at all.

          1. Claudia

            Absolutely no need to apologize. It’s your blog, and you have every right to post whatever you want!

          2. BS Artist

            Yes it may be my blog, but unless I am having a go at rapists, murderers, fascist dictators, serial killers, child molesters, pedophiles, scammers and assholes in general I have no right to be abusive.

          1. Claudia

            I’m sorry, Jonathan, but you do not know me at all. How do you know whether my feelings are “unfounded”??

    2. Christine Senter

      Elizabeth Bathory–A Hungarian countess who murdered hundreds of young women so she could bathe in their blood.

      Lizzie Borden–Murdered both of her parents with a hatchet in order to claim her share of the inheritence.

      Andrea Yates–Drowned all 5 of her children, one at a time.

      Susan Smith–strapped her 2 young children inside her car and drove it into a lake, leaving them to die.

      Joan of Arc–led an army against the English

      Queen Boudicca–led an army against the Romans

      Anne Bonny and Mary Read–Female pirates who killed and looted along side their male counterparts.

      Guess men can’t be blamed for ALL the debautury throughout time.

      Christine Senters last blog post..Sunday Seeds 05-25-08

      1. BS Artist

        Hell Christine, I reckon I better start treating women with the respect they deserve from now on! With that list you have just given me, and with Hutt’s addition, I certainly don’t want to get on their wrong side. :wink_ee:

    3. Belk

      Claudia, have you ever stopped to think about the fact that are US, women, who bring up and socialize both men and women? It’s mostly women who teach boys most of the sexist and abusive patterns seen in our patriarchal societies. It’s been like that historically. We have been so indoctrinated that it’s in our subconscious and we can’t even see it.

  3. Huttriver

    And a 16 year old Kiwi girl who killed her mother with an axe!!

  4. BS Artist

    I dare say it does Colleen. Perhaps you should write a post for the women?

    1. BS Artist

      Actually Hutt, I would say that it would get a lot of reads.

  5. ManoDogs

    You forgot one, Sire:

    If we write a post about how unfairly we’re treated, we’re misogynists; if they write a post about how bad we are, they’re making Herstory!

    But you know what I always say about the wimminfolk: “HEY! You shut up and go make me a pie!”

    Wait, that’s Cartman – that’s what Cartman says about women. Well, I can relate.

    ManoDogss last blog post..Origins

    1. Christine

      Sweetie sweetie, honey honey, darling

      Oh, my little M.O.D., at least you’ll always have your comic books to curl up with.

      😀 Just joking

      You know Mummy loves you, darling.

      Christines last blog post..Wake Up Writing

      1. ManoDogs

        Sweetiesweetie, darling.

        Let me tell you something, little Miss Thang: comic books do NOT back-sass. Comic books are deep and understanding. Comic books will never wrench your heart from your chest like so much worthless… worthless stuff and throw it on the floor and stomp all over it and…


        If it weren’t for the papercuts and the fact that a sex life with comic books is generally frowned upon, I would curl-up with them!

        (Of course, we both know that I generally do, anyway…)

        ManoDogss last blog post..Origins

  6. BS Artist

    No mate, yours would be “You shut up and go get me another beer, this one is almost empty” Nice of you to drop in Manodogs, and BTW did you remember to vote?

  7. ManoDogs

    I didn’t see an option involving either pie or beer, so I just sat this one out. I did check the votes though and noticed no one said we “get what we deserve,” so I think Claudia forgot to vote, too. :cD

    ManoDogss last blog post..Origins

  8. BS Artist

    Cool, next poll I do I will keep you in mind and have a few more options :smile2_ee:

  9. kristarella

    I couldn’t vote in your poll because I don’t think I’m the woman from hell, but I do think that many women are like that.

    Seems you have two choices: do what you think is right and don’t care about other’s opinions, or find yourself a better woman! We’re all a bit complicated, some are worse than others… men are complicated too – trying so hard not to be too pushy or offensive, they end up being too subtle and I have no idea what the heck they want!

    kristarellas last blog post..Making Goals and Making Graphics

    1. BS Artist

      Thanks kristarella for taking the time to comment, and don’t worry about the voting as it is not compulsory. :wink_ee:

      In a relationship there is always give and take and therefore one can’t always do what they want as it may hurt their partners feelings. As for finding another woman, I am happy with the one I have. We do not always see eye to eye but then when we said ‘for better or worse’ we decided that no obstacle was too great to surmount.

      All in all, this post was something I put together to have a bit of fun. I do that now and again.

      1. kristarella

        I agree, which is why I said “do what you think is right”, for most people it wouldn’t be right to hurt their partner if there was a better alternative.

        I haven’t read you’re about page, didn’t realise you were married – glad you plan to stick at it. 🙂

        It was a fun post – most of my reply was only about 25% serious. 😛

        kristarellas last blog post..Making Goals and Making Graphics

        1. BS Artist

          I’m glad to hear it. in this day and age it’s always good to have a bit of frivolity in ones life .

  10. Robin

    you have got to be kidding me? right? I mean yes there are some women who are not perfect and can righteously so take on the title. But for god sakes it is you men who drive us to drink. Now not all men, but, truthfully most men. Egocentric, insecure piece of rubbish. Don’t get me wrong I love men but in this day and age it is hard to come by a guy who is not damaged goods.

    Robins last blog post..Sex and the City Premiere

    1. BS Artist

      Hi Robin, in a sense I am kidding as no woman, that I know of, can lay claim to all these faults. As for the damaged goods remark, who do you think was the cause of the damage, women who drag their men to watch “Sex and The City” :wink_ee:

  11. Huttriver

    Wouldn’t political correctness demand that Manodogs be changed to Personodogs?

  12. BS Artist

    Good thing Hutts that MD isn’t subject to political correctness bullshit!

  13. K. Fields

    I get totally frustrated with how men are made to look (totally stupid, no brains, lazy, and inept etc, while the woman is all brains, sarcastic etc) on most tv commercials lately… it is a shame!

    K. Fieldss last blog post..Cache It Away!

  14. BS Artist

    Hey K.Fields, perhaps its because they know we can handle it :wink_ee:

  15. Huttriver

    Mind you, George Dubba Bush doesn’t help our case much.

  16. Belk

    It’s funny to see how many people (ok, I meant to say how many women) take this post so seriously. Cheer up babes! If we could only stop (at least for a while, as an intelectual exercise) thinking in little binary boxes, compartmentalized categories, black OR white, either OR… Us westerners are unable to see a holistic picture, worse even, we’re unable to try questioning anything. Cheers!

    1. BS Artist

      What can I say Belk, some people just don’t see the humor in a good story :tongue_rolleye_ee:

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