Would You Pay $200 For A Burger King Burger?

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When I first heard of this I though my mate was talking out of his ass, but he was so insistent that I decided to Google it as soon as I got home. I couldn’t believe it, he wasn’t bullshitting at all. There are some Poms out there who are willing to fork over $200 for a bloody Burger King burger.


OK, so some of the ingredients are more expensive than the crap they put in a normal burger. Like the expensively priced Japanese-style Wagyu, that they still flame-grill! Then they garnish it with Italian truffles which I’ve heard is some pretty good stuff, and has actually become even more popular because of the Hit Movie Ratatouille. If that isn’t enough they even stick in a slice of Spanish cured ham with a dash of aged balsamic vinegar and then garnish it with some Champagne onions. Of course this concoction isn’t good enough for your old sesame seed bun so they have to stick it in a saffron and truffle dusted bun just for good measure.

Now while there are some diners who consider it to be simply ‘orgasmic’ others such as myself think it is too bloody decadent. And I would hate to think how many starving people could be fed with the cost of just one of these special Burger King Burgers. And I bet you that some wanker will even try to get it up-sized!

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  1. Mitch

    Have you ever tried Kobe burgers? I don’t like them, so I’ll stick with the cheaper stuff, thank you very much!

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  2. BS Artist

    Say Mitch, how much did they slug you for that piece of meat?

    1. Mitch

      It was about $5 for a mini burger which was about 2 ounces at best. As a point of comparison, we can buy a pound of regular hamburger here for $1.99.

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      1. BS Artist

        Your burgers weigh a pound? :bigsurprise_ee: Gee where are you from Texas?

        1. Mitch

          Actually, I was talking about buying it in the store, but yeah, there are a few places where, if you dare, you can get a cooked pound burger. But you’re going to pay for it, both ways. 🙂

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          1. BS Artist

            Yeah, I knew that! :blush_tb:

  3. Vikki

    What the heck were they thinking?! Damn, $200. They could have fed a tribe in Sudan for $200.

    Vikkis last blog post..UP Manila, revisited

  4. BS Artist

    I know, and imagine if they did “Upsize?”

  5. Vikki

    Whatever happened to common sense and practicality?! People sometimes love to waste good money… :doh_tb:

    Vikkis last blog post..UP Manila, revisited

  6. ellaella

    From Burger King? Hmph! Daniel Boulud is one thing, BK is…well, you know. BS!

  7. BS Artist

    Cool, I had to look up Daniel Boulud and it all makes sense now. Remember, I’m am Aussie.

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