I sometimes wonder about Gillian Triggs. As the president of the Australian Human Rights Commission I would have thought that she would be completely apolitical. That she shouldn’t be taking sides and the only thing that should be occupying her mind is the human rights issues. Unfortunately most of the time I see her on TV I’m under the impression that her only interest in human rights is when she can use it as a weapon agains the reigning Liberal government.

I always thought it strange the human rights issues of the asylum seekers didn’t come to her attention until after the Liberals came to power. Lets have a look at some of the dates. Gillian Triggs becomes president of the Australian Human Rights Commission on 27th July 2012. Tony Abbott becomes the Prime Minister on the 18th of September 2013. Strange that she didn’t bring up any human rights issues while Labor was in government and asylum seekers were dying while attempting to reach Australian shores. Especially that more children were held in detention under Labor than are currently held under the Liberal Government.

Nope! She waited until the 3rd of February 2014 before launching the National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014! Is that because she had the Liberals in her sights?

As a lawyer and a woman in a very prominent position I would have thought that the only time she would offer an opinion was when she had all her facts in order. Imagine the surprise when I hear her claiming the detention centres housing our asylum seekers were patrolled by armed guards likening them to prisons. A claim she had to retract after being challenged on the false assertion.

Then there is the ridiculous ruling, as reported in the Australian,  where she recommended $350,000 compensation be paid to Indonesian refugee John Basikbasik. This is the man who had visa cancelled and was placed in immigration detention after serving an Australian prison sentence for bashing his pregnant wife to death.

She is quite happy to confirm reports of multiple women attempting to commit suicide on Christmas Island. You would thing a woman in her position wouldn’t make such a claim until she got her facts right. But maybe that wasn’t as important as having a dig at the current Liberal government.

Then there was the false claims, as reported by Andrew Bolt in the Herald Sun, of children not receiving medical treatment. It seems that most of the time she’s more interested in getting an emotional reaction for the media against the government than in reporting actual facts.

So far, it seems to me that Gillian Triggs should be awarded the Bullshit Artist Of The Year Award.

Gillian Triggs Bullshit

Sure I feel sorry for those kids in detention but isn’t it better to be there than to be taken away from their parents. And if the countries they were escaping from was so terrible that they feared for their lives if they stayed, isn’t it better to be safely held in custody while their status was being looked into? And if they wanted the process to go a lot quicker then maybe they shouldn’t have destroyed their papers.

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