Let’s Face It, Reality TV Is Bullshit

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I know that there are a lot of people who watch so called ‘Reality TV’, but for the life of me I can’t understand why. This is not a subject that I would normally even waste my time blogging about except for the fact that my family is addicted to this crap. At the moment it’s all about Big Brother, but they have also watched shit like The Amazing Race, Survivor and Wife Swap.

The thing I don’t understand is that it really isn’t ‘reality TV‘, in fact it is so far from reality it’s farcical. I admit that at first I was one of those wankers sucked into watching Big Brother when it first came on TV, but it was something different, new and was worth checking out. Yeah, it was mildly entertaining and there wasn’t much else on TV anyway, but every other series just weren’t up to scratch. I at least could see it for what it was, boring rehashed crap, so why can’t everyone else see it? Now that I have Foxtel I leave the rest of the family to their folly and watch something more entertaining.

I’m not even going to bother going on about Survivor and all the other Reality TV shows as it would just be a waste of time except to say that every time they show one of these crappy shows it is sucking the mental juices from all those watching them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t part of a major conspiracy from some foreign country trying to stupefy the western world, softening us up for the big takeover.


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  1. jerry

    Reality Tv is for idiots. Those who are brainless enough to live their lives just to gossip the next day about “do you know what octomom just did?” or “that one guy on American Idol is sure hot!” etc etc… It seems by watching TV now (if you can find a channel on your satellite TV that isn’t some infomercial) one is constantly subjected to a bombardment of commercial breaks and previews interspersed with viagra and prilosec propaganda… there are on the average 7.5 minutes of program with 15.5 minutes of commercials on your TV right now. News shows, which used to be the factual reports of actual news, now include morning shows and lunch-hour shows, that are nothing but gossip food and sillieness. Real news is political and in order to be politically correct we must report only reality news from now on. Let’s fill the lunchhour with celebrity chefs and high school cheerleading squads. Weather at 10.
    The so called ‘reality’ show that burns my ass the most is “DOG-The Bounty Hunter”… That man and his wife and son have to be some of the most disgusting people on the planet but why do we watch them? Because of course they bust some of the most disgusting ugly dumbass people on the planet and therefore the whole planet should watch them and realise that acting just like them is normal, because isn’t that what is TV? Isn’t that reality?
    Therein the danger. Therein the threat. If, as a free people we will grow and prosper, we must never let ‘reality’ get in the way. The real dream is the reality we all see once we switch off and kill our TV sets… for it is only then that we we will truly be free of the TV show mentality. I sure hope some will not join the sheep. Don’t get a herd mentality. And American Idol sucks.
    Wake up Hollywood. You have a duty to do. Quit yer bullshit.

  2. BS Artist

    Man, Oh Man, that was some rant Jerry :laugh_tb: I sure hope you feel better mate. In regards to “DOG-The Bounty Hunter”, you’re not telling me that you actually sat through a whole show are you? Shit I had to change the station after 5 minutes.

  3. Mike

    Welcome to the club BS Artist the sooner this reality sh1t is taken off our screens the better. Lets take ice road truckers as an example, they do the same thing every day drive trucks over thick ice without danger, yet the program is hyped up to make the viewer believe that they take their lives in their hands every time they drive on the ice road. Ice road truckers is more tolerable than Simon Goul though. What about the Roloffs they are gone from a family trying to make ends meet to whining about where they are going to go on holidays and the father moaning about the mother and vice versa the brother moaning about the sister etc. They are turning into actors to feed us their bull sh1t.

  4. BS Artist

    And yet people are glued to the TV watching this crap. Go figure :doh_tb:

  5. Jack

    I don’t know who sits at the top of the TV Networks, but they must be brain dead to allow such programing. They must sell a hell of a lot of commercials but they lost most viewers I know when they began this reality TV crap. They are surely destined to be the next bankrupt business who will be looking for government bail outs! If you’re out there Mr. Programmer, please take note and defend yourselves if you can.

    1. BS Artist

      I’m not sure that’s an accurate statement Jack. The problem is there are too many people who watch this crap.

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