Which Is Better, The Stick Shift Or Automatic?

Yes, it is the age old question and I thought that I had finally found the answer to this age old question. Personally I reckon it is all age related. The young who are bursting with testosterone , so much so that it affects their brain capacity, would definitely be leaning towards the stick shift, but as they age and reason finally starts to creep in I reckon that they will lean more to the automatic gearbox.

I was hoping that this video would provide an answer until I noticed that they were actually seeking a qualified response from some sort of female expert. :doh_tb:

So, perhaps we could resolve this ourselves by completing the following Poll. It is age related so just pick the one that you prefer.
[poll id=”6″]

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  1. Mitch

    I just left my vote, but I don’t see it reflected above. Still, I’ve never learned how to drive a stick, but my wife drove one for years before I bought her a new car.

  2. BS Artist

    Yep, your vote has been recorded. I actually learned in a shift and can actually remember my first ‘kangaroo hop’. I reckon I was a bit of a hoon in my younger days and loved the screeching tires and leaving a bit of rubber when I took off.

    Naturally I am more sensible now and I love to drive my new Honda Civic which has an auto transmission.

    1. Mitch

      Ah, I thought the results would show real time. My wife said I probably had problems learning how to shift because I drive using both feet, with my left foot always on, or near, the brake.

      1. BS Artist

        So, is she complaining that you are a cautious driver?

        1. Mitch

          No, it wasn’t a complaint from her, it was a criticism of why I probably couldn’t learn how to drive a stick.

          1. BS Artist

            That’s like throwing down the gauntlet Mitch. I think that you have no option now but to buy a stick. 😉

          2. Mitch

            Heck, the only person that would hurt in the long run is me and my wallet; no thanks! lol

          3. BS Artist

            I was only pulling your leg Mitch :lol_wp:

  3. Rodney

    Definitely stick for me – I think I’d get too bored in an automatic.

    I think you need to include some poll categories for the older set – 31 isn’t that old, y’know! I reckon the age of gentility and yearning for an automatic kicks in at about 50!

    Rodney@Blogging with WordPresss last blog post..How much is your blog worth?

  4. BS Artist

    I remember I was like that, but I love my automatic now. Still, I reckon it’s best to learn in a stick shift, that way you can drive anything.

      1. BS Artist

        I’m 50 but the auto shift kicked in over 20 years ago.

        1. Rodney

          Well I’m in my mid-30’s, and so far no sign of auto dementia!

          Cool video, by the way.

          Rodney@Blogging with WordPresss last blog post..How much is your blog worth?

          1. BS Artist

            It’s just around the corner Rodney! :tongue_wink_ee:

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