Nokia United Kingdom Promotion Email Scam

WOW! I must be on a roll because I’ve just won $500,000.00US in a Nokia phone competition and I don’t even own a Nokia phone. How lucky is that?


ATTN: Winner,
Date: 29th of December, 2008.

This is to inform you that you indeed one of the lucky winners of the ongoi ng Nokia promotion and your mobile phone number has been selected among the mobile phone users around the globe.

Each winner is entitled to US $500,000.00 USD and you happened to be one of the Nokia phone promotion winners for this year.

We hereby advice you to forward the following information to enable us process your winning and payment from the Nokia account with the PAYMENT CENTRE IN BANGKOK, THAILAND.

1. Your full name as it will appear on your won prize cheque

2. Your mailing address for your cheque delivery by Courier Company

3. Your age :

4. Nationality

5. Sex:

6. Occupation:

7. Marital Status:

8. Mobile Number:

Yours faithfully,

Phone: +66 860 717325
Fax: +66 860 717326




The funny thing about this email, apart from me not owning a Nokia, is that it’s a United Kingdom promotion, the check will be from a PAYMENT CENTRE IN BANGKOK, THAILAND and the money will be in US Dollars? Not very consistent if you ask me.

It’s obviously a generic email sent out to hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting people in the hope that some of them actually own a Nokia and will fall for this scam. DON’T LET IT BE YOU!


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  1. Janette Toral

    Unfortunately, a lot of people fall into this kind of promotion with the idea of them winning something sucking them in. Oh well…

  2. BS Artist

    That is true Janette, but even when the prize they have won, for a competition they never entered is way beyond belief. Think people before every action, it can save you a lot of grief.

    Thanks for your comment Janette.

    1. peter

      I have ‘won’ so many of these sorts of prizes I could have retired many times over and over!

      The simple fact is if you haven’t bought a ticket or had won allocated to you, how can you win a prize? These are scammers who are seeking your personal details to steal your identity.

      When giving your name online do not give your full name, just your first known name and your surname. ie William Smith, not William James Smith



      1. BS Artist

        I know Peter, but the fact that these sort of scam exist means that a lot of people actually fall for them. The question is why are people so gullible. I don’t usually even give my surname, just the initial, if I can get away with it.

        1. nassim

          i don’t see the use of knowing my surname or my name …!!! if somebody would like to know name it’s easier to go on google or on the yellow pages to find millions of names…lol

          1. BS Artist

            It’s not just the name, it’s the rest of the details they are after, things like your banking details etc.

  3. Denford

    I got some claiming I had won money in a European lottery that I had never entered.
    I sent it back, telling the guy that I did not want the money but that HE had won three million bucks from the Bongoland Lottery……
    Did not hear back from him!

    Denfords last blog post..Zimbabwe: Prime Ministers and Prosecutions

  4. BS Artist

    I like it, I like it a lot, :lol_tb: the only thing is that I heard somewhere that you shouldn’t reply to those emails at all. Still it worked for you so I could have heard wrong.

  5. kyudo

    I jus got a new spam email today saying it was the FBI and they needed my help to solve a case. I hope I can help. LOL

    kyudos last blog post..Cell Phone Pistol

  6. Rodney

    The sad thing is that these characters actually believe people are so stupid as to fall for their sorry scams; the scary thing is that people actually do, or the scammers would surely stop trying. I’m sorry, but how gullible do you have to be?

    Great domain name, by the way!

    Rodney@Blogging with WordPresss last blog post..How much is your blog worth?

  7. BS Artist

    That is so true about this post Rodney, it’s all about the three S’s

    Sad….Scary……Stupid. As for the domain name, thanks, it fit in so well with what the blog is all about…. :wink_ee:

  8. nassim

    Lol…what use to call people and telling them that they won something …and also i recieved an international call saying that i won half million dollars…lol…i think those people doesn’t have nothing to do ….anyway at least they give you some daily attraction…

  9. BS Artist

    Denise, from some dirty SOB who wants to get his hands on your personal information so he can ultimately rob you of some money.

  10. Tony

    i wonder where this lottery scam came from even in coz it happen to my email hope we can do something to this scam

  11. Rakesh

    Hey I’m from Trinidad & I got a call from a guy named Mr. Humphrey from Nokia United Kingdom & he told me that I won U.S. $500000.00. He asked if it was possible for me to come to the U.K. but I said no. He then told me that I would have to send U.S.$1000.oo through Western Union to pay to have the cheque sent to me via Fed Ex. He asked my name & postal address so he could make the necessary arrangements to have it sent to me. I realised something was wrong because when you send money to a stranger through Western Union you would lose your money. He told me to address it to a woman named Linda Benson of #4 Peter’s Ave., W 5 London U.K. & he would call me back to get the Western Union information.

  12. BS Artist

    Don’t fall for it Rakesh, it’s a ruse to get your money.

    1. jenny

      Hello, I got this same exact call this morning. My friend advised that I should google Mr Humphrey’s name and to be honest, kind of expected to see comments like this.

      I think that people like this should be locked up and the key thrown in the middle of the ocean.

      1. BS Artist

        Now there’s an idea for the authorities lol

        1. BS Artist

          Yeah, and when they bob up you hit em with a tennis racket lol

  13. Barbara

    I got a call on my cellular in the middle of last night from one Mr Humphrey telling me that I had won US500,000 through a Nokia promotion (my cell is Motorola!!) and that he was calling me from the UK. The conversation went something like this:

    Mr H: I have good news.
    Me: Who is this?
    Mr H: Mr Humphrey
    Me: Who???
    Mr H: Mr Humphrey. I am calling from the UK. You have won five hundred thousand US dollars through a Nokia promotion.
    Me: Really?!
    Mr H: Yes, aren’t you happy lady?
    Me: Do you think I’m mad?
    Mr H: Mad? Why would you be mad? Are you not happy?
    Me: You have to think I’m mad! Are you mad?
    Mr H: Why are you mad? You have won money through a Nokia promotion.
    Me: (Sarcasm) Really? You really think I am that stupid??!!!
    Mr H: No no – no stupid. You won!
    Me: Where did you say you were calling from?
    Mr H: UK
    Me: Really? How interesting! Where in the UK
    Line goes dead!!

    Two minutes later the phone rang from the same number I ignored it.

    I’d be interested to know how he got my number – more than coincidence as that same number came up on my husband’s B Mobile Nokia last Sunday morning.

    We traced the number to Ohio.

    I have to say, Mr Humphrey sounds awfully Chinese to me!!!! He really must think there are some stupid people out there!

  14. YAKSON

    I got the same text on my phone in Nigeria.Gosh!! These scammers are FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS!!!!

  15. Ramesh Kumar

    hello sir.
    Thank you very much.
    Ramesh kumar Bhati.

  16. Mark

    These scams are being promoted all the time which is crazy people are still falling for them. Another interesting point is that even though the payment center is in Thailand a lot of these scams are been run from New Zealand as they set up servers in the far East and use them from there.

    1. BS Artist

      Which is why I this blog came about Mark.

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