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Facebook, being such a popular site has probably been targeted on may occasions by unscrupulous characters and so it is not surprising that they are still at it. I am posting this because of emails that I have been getting lately, the last one being;

This link looks innocent enough but it isn’t, don’t be fooled and whatever you do, don’t click on it. It will take you to a site that has nothing at all to do with Facebook and it will try to infect your computer by downloading some crap onto it.

Another one I received contained the following link;

The thing they have in common is the beginning part of the link that starts with ‘http://facebook.shared‘, so if you get an email that looks similar to this link, delete it immediately, do not, whatever you do. click on it.

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  1. peter

    Some dirty SOB’s around, mate! Watch out for the virus that is due today. PLS go to my post at Blogevolve concerning this.

  2. BS Artist

    Wow, I’ve got two consecutive comments from Kiwis. Now that must be a first for me.

    Thanks for reminding my about Gmail Greg as I haven’t check my mailbox for a couple of weeks.

    Pete, heading over to Blogevolve now mate.

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