The Truth About The Acai Berry Emails You’ve Been Getting

I’ve been getting quite a few of these emails lately;

The Acai Berry became extremely popular when Oprah interviewed Dr Perricone who stated that the Acai berry was the #1 Superfood and helped with wieghtLoss. (For Free Acai Trial Info Click below link).


Since that time this small berry which looks like a purple grape has become extremely popular.  It has been featured on several news channels such as :

* The NBC Today Show which stated that “studies show that the acai berry is one of the most nutritous foods in the world.

* ABC News stated that research has provided evidence that “the acai berry will help you live longer and healthier.  That it could help protect you against cancer, protect your heart and even prevent Alzheimer?s disease.

However, it is not only the health, rejuvenation and detoxifcation aspects of the acai berry we are interested in.  The fact that it helps the body to lose fat is what many people find of interest and thus we want to try it for ourselves!

A brief excerpt from Dr Perricone?s book:

Acai is good for wieghtLoss because it contains cyanidin, a highly antioxidant phytochemical compond.? This claim is based on a Japanese research report that found evidence that cyanins work by reducing fat asorption and ?draining body fat?. (pp. 59)”.

However, as interesting as it is to read about the power of the acai berry, many people are actually interested in taking it in either a juice or capsule form, for its healthful and wieghtLoss properties.  So Click on below links to find out how you can get your free trial of the Acai Berry Capsule today.


The fact that I’ve been getting so much of them makes me think it’s all a scam and that they are using Oprah’s name to promote their product. I’ve heard of the acai berry before but not that they were a weight loss product. The first step was to check Oprah’s website and yes it was listed as one of Dr. Perricone’s Superfoods, but there was no mention of it leading to weight loss. Then I found a blog article on blog titled The Real Acai Berry Truth where they led you to believe it had certain weight-loss properties. Way to go Oprah, now I’m confused.

The article was posted November 08 with only one comment.

Just a caution from this dietician…..none of the benefits written about here have been proven in any way. There has been nothing to show the acai berry, used in moderation, will hurt anyone, so feel free to give it a try if you’d like. But much more research will need to be done before such radical claims can be accurately made. Be well informed….check any nutrition information (government resources like USDA or The American Dietetic Association are good sources of well researched nutrition info) and if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I got to admit the comment was more believable than the post.

Then I found this article on about a group that challenges the acai berry weight-loss properties.  I found this quote particularly interesting;

Consumers are asked to provide a credit card to pay shipping and handling charges, but begin almost immediately receiving $80 to $90 monthly charges. Thousands of consumers have had trouble stopping those charges once they canceled the free trial offer.

I thought I would follow the link in the mail just to see what would happen and guess what? Yep, a free offer of the wonder berries but they needed my card details for the delivery requirements. I did have 15 days to decide whether or not the berries were working and the opportunity to cancel. Sounds like a whole lot of bullshit doesn’t it? needless to say I didn’t go through with the whole process.

Verdict: This emails goes into the crap pile along with all those crap Viagra emails.

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  1. app

    There is only 1 way to lose weight (without surgery): consume less calories than you burn. It’s as simple as that.

    Three ways to do that:

    1. Eat less calories.
    2. Burn more calories with exercise.
    3. Combine both 1 & 2.

    #3 is the most effective.

    There is no way around that, no magic berries, no magic tea, no magic anything. There is nothing that you can buy that will allow you to sit on your butt all day stuffing your face with donuts and make you lose weight.

    You will notice that almost anything that claims it can make you lose weight is more expensive than it is worth and comes with a low calorie diet plan and a suggestion to exercise.

    There a million low calorie plans you can have for free, and if you just have to spend the money, you are better off spending it on a gym membership. You’ll see real results if you use it.

    apps last blog post..AJ’s Cleaner FriendFeed Widescreen Theme for K-Meleon

    1. Sean

      I am totally sick and tired about hearing about all this “F!@#$*g wonder medicine and supplements that can do great things for your life or health…America,….PLEASE, put away your credit cards, stop watching “daytime lifestyle shows “, and please step away from the TV!!!
      I am an Australian, middle aged EX Soldier, Father of one beautiful baby girl and sportsman who truly believes that the only way to live as long as my dearly departed GREAT grandmother ( Who lived to 101 years old ) is to eat well, sleep well, NEVER smoke, drink a little if you must, but not too much, exercise daily and most importantly, be happy EVERY, single day that you are alive. We are NOT mindless dummies down hear who follow everything the “box” ( TV ) tells us to do…..great sun, great water and a great economy to boot….., Kind Regards,

      1. BS Artist

        Way to go Sean. You tell em mate, stop believing in BS and get on with life.

    2. Sean

      And…..about smoking, to all you smoking folk,…I am not against it as I am a smoker myself,….just trying to give it up….a little difficult to do as you know…..

  2. BS Artist

    You are so right, and yet many people always look for the easy way to lose weight, believing that there has to be one, and these are the sort of people that these scam artists target.

  3. Mitch

    I get this mess a lot myself, Sire, and it seems that every business event I go to, there’s someone pimping this stuff.

    One of my issues with this, and all the other health products that purport to turn you into a super person, is that the people who are marketing it don’t look all that super. I mean, I’m a big guy, and if the person selling the product is bigger than I am, that’s an instant “I don’t think so” moment.

    Mitchs last blog post..SEO Project – The Update

    1. Havik

      Damn straight, wanna lose weight? PUT DOWN THE FORK!.
      Those jelly rolls smoothing the sides of every doorway in your house? DO WORK FATTY! get yer ass off the couch and excersise. It wont kill you…and even if it did, im sure the species would be better for it.
      Finally I find a website that has people to cut throught the crap for me…Though i’ll continue to do it myself usually since I dont wanna get lazy. >=D…..Favorites list [Added]

  4. BS Artist

    It does make you wonder doesn’t it Mitch. Still, some people are willing to believe anything if they think that there is a chance it may actually work.

    1. Mitch

      Kind of like the lottery, though I only play when the dollars get near $100 million; I’m greedy!

      And now, for some reason, CommentLuv isn’t working for me tonight, for any of my blogs.

  5. Scrubs

    What I hate about this whole Acai berry thing is that they’re using instant messaging. I don’t know how they do it but it seems they can use a person’s IM account to send private messages. That’s pretty low as people would think that their friend is the one actually sending the message.

    I don’t know if it’s the same on AIM but it’s pretty rampant on Yahoo Messenger.


  6. BS Artist

    Hitting below the belt does not bother these people in the slightest as they have no scruples.

  7. DNA

    I have been getting this scam on IM accounts from my friends. Even after they change their password it still happens. How is it able to hijack their IM account like this??

    And then today a whole new wrinkle. I posted a video on Facebook and the same friend who I have been getting the IM spam from posted a comment on the video and the comment was the Acai scam again. On the same posting another one of my friends posted a comment again with the Acai scam.

    So now it has penetrated their IM and Facebook accounts? What the hell is going on!!!! I have been searching Google and have yet to find the way to end this madness. HELP! 🙂

    This blog is the only place I have seen mention of the IM angle on this so I am posting here out of desperation, hehe 🙂

  8. BS Artist

    I wish I could help you DNA, but I’ve never heard of this aspect of the scam before. Hopefully another reader will be able to help you . I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  9. Colleen

    My sis got some into some wine and ordered some kind of Acai product online. It was a total scam, not because they failed to deliver, but because they got very evasive when she tried to cancel. None of the customer service numbers worked, so she had her bank cancel all pays from that co. They just swopped in a different co. They had her #. Acai is a nice health fruit but prolly not when dried into some Bullshit capsule.
    .-= Colleen´s last blog ..Zend Tool bug and work around =-.

    1. Sire

      Bullshit capsule, very apt choice of words Colleen 😀

  10. BS Artist

    No worries, I’m glad you found it useful.

  11. Scott

    Someone needs to nail those Acai/Colon cleanse scammer guys to the wall! I got scammed, stupid me I believing what I read on the internet about both of those supplements. Here is my experience; I saw the add thought it was really from news 6 I know that was so stupid! Ordered the two bottles. Luckily I printed the order confirmation page. Then I did my research (yeah I know A$$ backwards) and came across this site explaining the scam. I had seen that they had authorized the two $5 charges to my card last week but had not actually posted them to my account. I tried calling the customer service numbers on the news6 site and they kept changing from one “different?” supplement company to another with different mailing addresses. As I opened one and called and they denied they where the company. Funny thing they had a similar supplement offering for a “trial time” then they would keep sending you new bottles every month, $10, $20, $60, $90 each. The scammers just don’t give up! Finally I found the customer service number at the bottom of the order confirmation page that I had printed when I ordered. I called it and spoke with Amanda #GS050 she confirmed I had ordered the bottles from them and it was within the 14 day trial period. Customer # 877-529-3745. Then the fun really began. She tried several times to get me to keep the product even went down to $10 per bottle per month. How nice she was to offer me those discounted deals in her broken English accent. She even made me listen to a recording basically begging me to keep the subscription. But I had enough of the games and firmly requested that I wanted to cancel the supplement subscription!!! I also informed her (on the advice of my lawyer) I was recording the call (which I was actually doing on my ipod). Don’t think I will need it but it was fun to listen to her get nervous. And get this, Amanda then said I would need to mail the empty bottles to 7102 West Roosevelt Street, #100 Phoenix AZ 85042. If I did not mail them I would be charged $70, oops she then stuttered and changed it to $90 charge for each bottle. I couldn’t believe the audacity of these people. She didn’t want to give me the company website for “security reasons”. After, I got off the phone I received a confirmation email with the RMA numbers and address to ship to. You can rest assured I will mail them back their bottles of useless supplement. Maybe I will put something fun inside the bottle for them to enjoy. So I then went through the hassle of cancelling my debit card. Yes I was dumb enough to use my actual bank account debit credit card. I was really gullible and almost deserved to get taken. Don’t be fooled, they are scammers. I am grateful you put up this website to warn everyone. I just wish I had read this site earlier and saved me all the hassles! THANK YOU so much!

    1. BS Artist

      Scott, thank you for your comment because it’s people like you who take the time to tell me about their life experience that makes all the time I put into this blog worth while. I’m glad it’s helping people, although a little late for you I’m sorry to say.

      Still, at least you found it early enough that you were able to nip it in the bud.

  12. Lies

    Funny that you criticize the product yet you advertise for them on your page, talk about a hypocrite.

    1. BS Artist

      Actually I am not advertising the products at all. What you are seeing are automatic ads that are displayed depending on the keyword they pick up on. As this post is about acai berries they’ve obviously picked up on that and displayed those particular ads. Were you to read another post you would see entirely different ads.

      I doubt very much that anyone reading this post would be foolish enough to click on those ads.

  13. Wendy

    Really, food is a drug, and the drug addicts need to get their intake under control….and exercise, stretch, and move around…you just can’t eat, and eat, and eat, and not expect to gain weight…

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