Charles Sturt Council Defies Rate Payers Wishes Over St. Clair Land Swap

Ever since writing the post ‘ Why The Charles Sturt Council Suck‘, I was pretty sure what the outcome was, and it seems I was right. Today the council, lead by now infamous Mayor Harold Anderson, voted to go ahead with the land swap.  It was obvious that they knew their decision would be unpopular, otherwise why would they lock out the majority of rate payers. Part from council members and some empty seats the majority of attendants were council friends and supporters. Hardly what you would call democratic.

For a more complete rundown on what went down you should read the Adelaide Now writeup titled Mayor defends St Clair Reserve Decision. I would like to add some personal opinion to what the Mayor had to say.

Council has made this decision amid difficult circumstances, but we are firmly committed to moving forward, and we encourage the community to feel the same sense of optimism that we feel.

Sure, as rate payers we are ecstatic that you locked as out of the decision making and went against our wishes. How can anyone be optimistic when they have been kept in the dark as to the real reason for the land swap. A deal akin to offering a child a stale moldy donut in exchange for a fresh one.

This decision by council reflects our commitment to improve the quality of living and working in the city and compliments the projects already underway.

Excuse me, you still have not explained how this is so. Perhaps this is because you can’t substantiate the claim?

It also demonstrates council’s ability to work in partnership with both the State Government and the private sector to bring about improved green spaces and public transport.

Ah, now we’re getting to the crux of the matter. They’re in cahoots with the reigning Labor Government. Not surprising when you consider that 12 of the 15 members are affiliated with their Labor compatriots.

Honestly, the whole thing stinks, and I’m not surprised that even now the residents are not going to stand idly by while this rogue council runs roughshod over their constituents wishes. They have taken the matter to the supreme court to appeal against the State Governments approval of the plan. It seems that perhaps Gail Gago’s approval may have been a little presumptuous. Then again it’s not surprising as she is a Labor member and as such is following Labor policies.

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  1. jasmine wong

    “There is no-one by the name Nuyan (or T. Nuyan) on the electoral roll in Kilkenny. If the St Clair protesters who are active on this site would like to know how to spell the commonest of Vietnamese surnames, it is Nguyen. Presumably if a Mr Nguyen of Kilkenny were writing in support of the St Clair protesters he would know how to spell his own name. Nuyan is just how one St Clair protester thinks this Vietnamese name is spelt”.

    Posted by: Michael Atkinson of Croydon 10:17pm today
    He showed his through colour and he even have the right to get into the electoral roll of Kilkenny as well.

    1. BS Artist

      Hi Jasmine. I went to the site to see the comment for myself. I’m not sure what you are getting at?

      The only thing that I got from that comment, after reading the comment by T. Nuyan, was that Michael Atkinson was making a big assumption that he was Vietnamese.

      T. Nuyan’s actual comment.

      Our community has used this park since we settled in Australia, hands off! It significant to us thats what really matters our park means more to us then you would ever understand. Don’t touch our park! Plaease leave our park alone.

      He certainly didn’t say where he was from, so perhaps Mr. Atkinson should keep his assumptions to himself. You would think it is a better assumption that Mr. Nuyan knows how to spell his own name.

      I assume that the Michael Atkinson in the comments section is the same Michael Atkinson who is the Labor Politician and the current South Australian Attorney-General? If that is the case why is he getting involved in all this. It could lead one to assume that perhaps the Sturt Council is actually in bed with the Labor party and their agendas are related somehow. It’s obvious they don’t care what the local residents want.

  2. jasmine wong

    what do you think about Sascha of Southern suburbs. she seem to have unusual (male) conversation with Ray. I dont think she is a female.

  3. I hate it when people in positions of power, like local government, abuse it to this extent. I understand that they are kind of naturally inclined to make certain decisions based on their affiliations but technically they’re not supposed to let their other interests affect their judgment of unrelated things. I think there should be a way for the constituents to have some sort of majority veto power to prevent things from happening that are against their interests or wishes. Taking it to court is a good way to make themselves heard but who knows who the court will side with? -Mike
    BTW you have “notify me of followup comments” showing up twice below this field. Maybe it was intentional?

  4. BS Artist

    It doesn’t help when the State government sides with the council, but then they seem to have their own agenda as well.

    I think that “notify me of followup comments” is fixed now.

  5. Personal Opinion

    As more and more people become incensed by the pro-developer, anti-anticorruption commission bully boys of the SA Labor party and write about it the growth in anti Mike sentiment is assured.

    I for one, along with thousands of others, am totally pissed off with the blatant lies fed to us. Mike even has the gall to insinuate that paid for comment is false (his press conference after the Ms Chantelois telecast) which also points the finger firmly at his media minders and press releases. They don’t do that for free do they?

    With the St Clair land swap, do any of you believe that the Charles Sturt Council, all of their own accord, decided that it would be a really good idea to exchange a perfectly good park for an industrial site? And then the Government then said “Hey, what a good idea, we could put a TOD there”. BS, the LMC told the council what they wanted and the bunnies dutifully complied. Mr Atkinson and Ms Gago cannot hide behind the claim that they are only assessing what the Council submitted. While they probably are telling some of the truth it isn’t the whole truth by a long shot.

    Keep up the good work.
    .-= Personal Opinion´s last blog ..Cheat doesn’t just apply to soccer. =-.

    1. BS Artist

      What I can’t get my head around is Atkinson’s personal involvement in some of the online debates I’ve read. You’d think he be steering clear of the whole mess. I reckon it just goes to show that Labor and the council have some sort of agenda going on.

      As to Rann, can you imagine the uproar if the court substantiates Michelle’s claim?

  6. jasmine wong

    BS, we need to go further with Gago’s mislead court order. The court ordered her to read her paper work NOT pass it onto Hill. Within the law #… I know from the fact!

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