Investing In Your YouTube Channel

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I’ve decided that investing in your YouTube Channel is what’s needed to get both views and subscribers. Let’s face it, getting those 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers, isn’t going to be an easy task. Especially with all the competition out there. Not to mention the fact that YouTube seems to favour their more prominent YouTubers. So, what does investing in your YouTube Channel involve?

Ways Of Investing In Your YouTube Channel

Let’s face it; if you’re thinking of making money on YouTube, it’s probably time you need to treat it like a business. It’s my experience that sooner or later you need to invest money in your business for it to grow. Competition is tough on YouTube, and I’ve decided that any investment in your YouTube channel is vital if I’m going to be a successful YouTuber.

Video Editing Software: The first editing software I purchased was Camtasia. Camtasia was really great for doing online tutorials. Probably my most popular onscreen tutorial was How To Have A Different Header For Each Page Of Your WordPress Blog.

That wasn’t enough though, so I upgraded to Final Cut Pro. As good as Final Cut Pro is you can make it even better buy buying plugins for it. I’ve found that Pixel Film Studio’s plugins are exceptional. My latest video, Home Alone On Halloween, shows just how my investment has paid off with my most recent video. Only three days old and it’s already got 450 views and 19 likes.

The Creator is one of my favourite graphics software. I use it in most of my videos, and it’s especially useful when designing my YouTube thumbnails which is vital if you want your video to stand out from the crowd. investing in your YouTube Channel

The image above and several others that you’ll see in the video below were all created with The Creator.

Another one of my videos that’s turned out to be pretty popular is the F Word Poem. Ok, that one only is nearly three months old and has over 1,100 views but it also has 47 likes. What’s more important is the watch time compared to the views which you can see below. That video is a little over 2 minutes long and it seems that most of the viewers are watching it all the way through. That’s pretty bloody good in my book.F word poem

As far as subscribers go, the last count I had 902 so I only need 98 more. Why not help me to reach that magic 1,000 by subscribing. 😉