Removing Objects From Photos

Have you ever taken a photo only to find out later there was an unwanted object in that photo? This post is about removing objects from photos. Yes, people can be classified as objects so you can also remove unwanted people as well.

Removing Objects From Photos How?

A while back, I did a post about Luminar 4 called Best Affordable Photo Editor. Luminar 4 is also able to do that, but I haven’t been able to test that feature out. Anyway, this post is about Inpixio. In a previous video, I showed how Removing Background With Inpixio was a breeze. I use this feature a lot to produce images for my posters as well as in my videos. It also comes in handy when making thumbnails for my YouTube Channel. Speaking of which, I’m always looking for subscribers for My Bonzer Channel.

Removing Objects From Photos

I’ve never needed to remove a person or an object, or more to the point, I’ve never thought about doing it. One of my YouTube commenters brought it to my attention, and so I decided to test out that part of Inpixio.

And so my video Remove People With Inpixio came to life. In that video, I removed people from different photos as well as a barn from a lovely landscape image. You will see in that video how Inpixio works flawlessly with some pictures and not so well with others.

The creators of Inpixio knew some photos would be too much of a challenge for their software built in a cloning tool to deal with the results of those photos where the object removal was less than desirable.

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