YouTube Loves How-To Videos

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It’s no secret that YouTube loves how-to videos. I think it’s pretty evident that a lot of YouTubers know that YouTube loves how-to videos. That’s why there are so many how-to videos on YouTube

YouTube Loves How-To Videos That Perorm

As much as YouTube Loves How-To Videos I think it goes without saying they love those successful how-to videos the best

It’s also true that not all how-to videos perform that well. Take some of my how-to videos for example. Some are doing pretty well, like the how to cut curves in laminate floorboards. On the other hand, my how to restore faded headlights to near new condition, isn’t doing so well.

YouTube loves how-to videos

As I’m not one to give up I will continue to publish how to videos. Partly because I would love one to go viral but mainly because I love to help people.

My latest how-to video on YouTube is How to write a post with the new WordPress 5.0 using the Gutenberg editor. Yeah, I know that’s a long link, but I tried to stuff as many keywords in there as possible. ?

While I was not the first one to publish a video on this subject, I’m hoping my version of how to use the new WordPress Gutenberg editor covers a lot of the stuff that others missed out.

Gutenberg Tips And SEO

My video contains some of the following tips that come in handy when writing a post on WordPress.

  • how to add links
  • how to changes the colour of the text
  • how to delete a block
  • How to insert an image
  • How to embed a video
  • How to add the ‘more’ tag. As simple as this was it took me a while to work it out.
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