Do Employees Ask For Too Much?

I ask this question because I just heard on the news that apparently employees think that they should be entitled to more annual leave. They must be crazy! I can understand that they may want more annual leave but to actually think that they are entitled to it. I can’t see that happening in Australia, not with the current IR laws and I think that is a good thing when you consider how many companies are going over seas because the cost of staying here is too great, and these people want to put another burden on employers.

I, as an employer know that if anything like this was to come about I would have to decrease the amount of people I employ and I think this would be the same for many small business owners. Imagine what it would cost the big boys. You would think that the minimum increase in annual leave they would ask for is a week, for a company that employs say 5000 people, it would cost them at least, probably more, an extra three million dollars. If this was ever to come into fruition I can just see all these people getting 52 weeks of annual leave when they’re looking for another job because their employer just moved overseas.

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