Should Tony Abbott Say Sorry?


In regards to what he said about Bernie Banton, that the petition was a “stunt” and then suggested that Mr Banton’s motives were “not pure”, I would say that yes he should apologize and I am glad to see that he had the guts to do so. What led him to such a remark? Only Mr. Abbott knows and it could well be because of the media circus that accompanied Bernie which was probably organized to the Union who perhaps should also apologize for using this poor brave man as a tool in their efforts to kick the present Government out of power. One must remember that although we expect our politicians to act in a proper manner while in public they are human and prone to making errors.

In regards to Tony Abbott’s remark to his Opposition counterpart Nicola Roxon after the debate, where after continued harassment by her where he muttered in exasperation “That’s bullshit!” I don’t believe he should apologise. Let me explain my reasoning for this.

1. If Ms Roxon was a bloke, there wouldn’t be such a commotion over this commonly used word. The fact that there is points to a slight case of discrimination.
2. If Ms Roxon was a lady she would have accepted the apology graciously and left it at that, instead she had to goad her opponent for her own amusement and to belittle him in front of the public.
3. He didn’t abuse Ms Roxon, he simply stated that what she said was “bullshit”. I reckon if the public can forgive Rudd for his stripper club antics etc. because it was a “blokey’ thing then surely they should not expect an apology over the bullshit remark. I mean honestly, if you really expect him to apologise for that remark, that would really be bullshit.

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