As America Prepares To Vote In The Next USA President

I do not normally discuss politics because I think that politics is bullshit. It doesn’t matter what party gets in they all have their own agenda. Take America for example, it’s going to be between Obama and McCain and the big question naturally will be which one will make the best President of the USA?

The thing is it will all go down to party politics and to which man is better able to lead not only over America but over the party that put him there. Don’t think for a minute that neither man hasn’t made any alliance to third parties for helping them in their quest for the top job. Not to mention promises to members of their own parties to help them in their leadership challenge.

The thing is, have they the fortitude to go against public and party opinion to do what is best for the country? The biggest pile of BS is that the rest of the world is left hanging wondering who the American Public will choose and how it will affect the rest of the world.

Yep as the American prepare to vote one wonders whether the bullshit will be over or if it is just beginning.

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  1. Mitch

    You have to think about your point strongly for a minute there, Sire. The guy who’s in office now did just what you asked for, went against what everyone else believed for what he thought was the right thing, and of course it hasn’t worked that way. Do we say to him”at least you stuck with your convictions”, or do we say “you didn’t represent us the way we wanted to be represented”?

    I think our elections have proven that the best man hasn’t always been the one elected to the office.

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  2. BS Artist

    As an Aussie I thought Bush did OK but my view could be totally skewed. Are we talking about America’s current financial status or the war in Iraq? When I made that comment I was thinking more of our last Prime Minister, John Howard. A lot of his policies were unpopular but the country was a lot better for it.

    The last thing you want as a leader is a puppet.

  3. Mitch

    You may need to read more of your Australian news stories, Sire, because Australians dislike of our current president is almost as strong as ours is. He’s got an approval rating from the country of 26%; not good at all. This administration has done more to circumvent the law than any other administration in history, and that includes the Nixon Administration, which is stunning. Because Nixon tried to lie about his cronies trying to win an election; Bush abused power, then was able to convince others to allow him that power and more. You can bet that if Obama wins on Tuesday night that there will be cries about how he’ll have too much power concentrated in one place.

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  4. BS Artist

    Just a personal opinion mate. I’m not one to follow news stories all that much and certainly not one to follow popular opinion. I certainly do not know enough about your politics to say yay or nay to either of the two running for the presidency. I just hope whoever wins does the right thing for the nation as a whole.

    1. Mitch

      I know it was a personal opinion; so was mine. That’s what political conversations usually are, personal. And the best we can ever hope for is that the person who ends up with the job will do what’s best for the country, legally.

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  5. BS Artist

    One would hope so, as they are supposed to be setting an example for the rest of us.

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