OZ Lotto Has Jackpotted To An Awesome $40 Million

Apart from warning people of the scams that I come across, which I think is a service in itself, I also like to inform them when I come across things that can actually make them some cash. One way you can make money, especially if you’re lucky, is by buying a lottery ticket. Now although these are sold on a weekly basis I don’t normally post about it unless there’s a jackpot to be won, and this is one of those posts.

OZ Lotto is played every Tuesday and while there have been winners it seems that no-one has won first prize which means it’s now jack potted to a whopping $40 million, and that is nothing to sneeze at. Man, if I won me a cool $40,000,000 I would make blogging my full time career meaning I could do a lot more research thereby keeping you guys more informed of what’s going on.

These days more and more people are buying their tickets online because of the convenience. No more waiting in long lines, which are always there when the jackpots are on, and no more going without a ticket because they forgot to buy it on the way home from work. Now all they do is go online and purchase a ticket via a secure server.I’m pretty sure that you can now use your PayPal account to buy your ticket.

If you your not a member of OZ lotteries now is a good time to join as they’re giving away a free game to all new members. Once a member you also have the added advantage of not having to worry about forgetting to check or lose your ticket as you’ll get email notification as to how lucky you were. It’s also a breeze checking it online as all the winning numbers are highlighted for you. It’s great, so if you have yet become a member now could be a great time to join the gang and have a shot at the $40 million prize pool.

You also might want to consider Buy Lotto Tickets Online as it offers you the chance to buy lottery tickets from the worlds best lotto pools.

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  1. peter petterson

    Have to be lucky, Sire. The Kiwi official lotto is back up to $11 million this week.


  2. Sire

    Hows your luck running these days Pete?

  3. Dick

    Hello Sire,

    Is the OZ lottery not available to citizens of continental US? I tried to register through your blog but they did not have a US selection in their drop down?

    Also I would love to have a feed from your load of bullshit blog to my “bullshit” blog: http://Blogodiletears.blogspot.com
    How can we do that?

  4. BS Artist

    I’ve contacted them about there not being a selection for the US, even though they have one for the US outer islands which is weird?

    I’m not sure about how the feed would work, will have to look into that. We could always link via the blogroll for now.

    Got to go out will check with you later mate.

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