The Biggest Loser Is A Whole Lot Of Bullshit.

The Biggest Loser is really the biggest pile of bullshit ever. Sure it’s makes good TV, for some people at least, but how factual do you think it really is? Do they honestly think that the show will inspire people to lose weight? Personally I think that it will scare more people off than anything else.

No obese person that I know could sustain the sort of exercise regime that they portray on the show. Then there is the comment one of the trainers made when one of the contestants spewed up after a session, something along the lines that, “when they spew up after a session you know that you’ve trained them hard enough.” What a load of BS!

I only hope that if you are obese and are tempted to do some over the top exercise regime that you would get a physical first and talk about it with your doctor.

The thing is that obesity is a problem in many countries and I think that the Government should step in and offer some sort of program to help obese people out. Perhaps they could subsidise gyms to take groups of people and train them in such a way that they would lose weight in a healthy more realistic fashion. They could also teach them how to diet properly and offer support in their endeavour to lose weight.

As for funding, I think that the Government should tax all fast food commercials. Hell, if these guys are going to suck people into eating all this unhealthy food via their commercials then they should pay a premium price for their ads. They could also tax the fast food products as well. Sure there may be some disgruntled people, but it is for their own good, and the good of the country as a whole.

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  1. Stuart Ryan

    I thought that I would give a bit of feedback on this one as it is an interesting topic. While I agree that the biggest looser is complete overkill for me I have found it a source of inspiration.

    I remember reading a while ago that they train them at the same pace as an athlete in training. Of course this is something that Joe Average would not be able to do…

    But as I said, I have to say seeing what they can do (especially when they leave the house and keep training on their own) has been a source of inspiration for me.

    But… a good read none the less, I would love to see them make it clearer to viewers just the amount of strain they are putting contestants through.

  2. BS Artist

    Stuart, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and commenting. I am glad that you have found it a source of inspiration and I hope that there are many more like you. My only worry is that it turns more people off that it does on, so to speak.

    Perhaps if they made it more realistic, but then it wouldn’t make good TV.

  3. Stuart Ryan

    Hi BS Artist no probs at all.

    I have to agree if they made it more realistic it would probably loose some of the appeal… mind you it is *meant* to be Reality TV lol.

  4. BS Artist

    Must be why I reckon reality TV is a lot of BS. lol

  5. Jo

    I love that for some reason it’s the governments responsibility to get obese people fit and healthy. The government should pay… the government should subsidise….
    I’m a dietitian, and time and time again I hear the words ‘you haven’t told me anything I don’t already know, I just need to actually do it’. Eating well isn’t hard. It’s cheaper than take-away and other rubbish already without having to add taxes to it. The government can’t stand there and stop you from putting food in your mouth. It also can’t get you out of bed in the morning and take you for a 5km walk. The ONLY person that can do that is yourself. So STOP blaming the government, your childhood or any other excuse you may have come up with and start realising that you got yourself into this mess, so you have to get yourself out.

  6. BS Artist

    Good comment Jo, but the big problem is that people just want to blame everyone else for their misfortune instead of taking putting the blame where it really lies, with themselves.

  7. ANP

    In most cases, obesity is something that can be controlled by the person. [Thyroid or other medical issues are a different situation]. It is not the governments fault that some lazy idiot gained so much weight. Overeating, not taking care of your body… its selfish. You are destroying not only yourself, but the ones who love and care about you. A few of my overweight friends just say “you’re gonna die anyway, might as well make the best of it.” That’s so self-centered. Yeah, make the best of your life, but do it with friends, family, etc. So, my point is, you can’t ask the government to help people who generally don’t care about themselves, their life, or just helping themselves. If they gave one ounce of a damn, they wouldn’t have sat on their couches every day, channel surfed, and shoved all that food in their mouths.

    NOTE: i would like to say that i am not a health nut. i just don’t care about those that don’t care about themselves. if you can’t respect yourself, your body, and the wonderful life that God gave you… don’t demand respect from me because you won’t get it.

    1. BS Artist

      While I agree with you it would be to the government’s benefit to help them out because otherwise they will be paying for it in the end through their health plans.

  8. Cs

    The point of the show is to demonstrate that if they can lose 100 lbs in 2 months with 6 hours a day and diet, imagine what they could do with an hour a day? 45 minutes a day? I weight 300. I was also in the Army. I know what an hour a day can accomplish, but to someone with no frame of reference working out for 45-60 minutes in the face of being obese doesn’t seem like it could accomplish anything. This show also shows so much diversity in types of workouts that anyone should be able to find something they can do.

    1. BS Artist

      It doesn’t really show all that much diversity from what I can see. I shows them working their butts off. It shows them all having a trainer, even after they lose and are kicked off. Not at all realistic for the average person.

      One of our radio presenters was on one of the shows and he said that while they showed us weekly weigh ins they actually took place over several weeks. Again if people were to take these as what could be lost in a week they would be in for a rude shock.

  9. Pete

    The government should pay? You got to be kidding me. The freakin government should stay out of our lives and stop spending our money. People need to take responsibility for themselves and if they don’t want to it’s not my problem. The government takes enough of my hard earned money already.

    1. BS Artist

      Hey Pete,

      it all depends on how you look at it. If the government was to invest some money that would improve health in general it would save heaps in the medical expenses where it could be used in other areas, like raising the pay of our politicians. :devil_tb:

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