When The Law Just Simply Gets It Wrong

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I want to tell you the story of a dirty old man that lives in Queensland Australia. He name is Dennis Ferguson and his crime is that he loves young children, a little too much. A convicted child molester, he was sentenced to 14 years jail in 1988 for sexually abusing three children in a Brisbane hotel room. Not two years after his release he was again arrested on the charges of allegedly assaulting a five-year-old Dalby girl. It is this case that is causing such an uproar in Queensland and has so upset the rest of Australia.

This vile person was released because Judge Hugh Botting argued that the Crown case was “tenuous” and that the poor bastard (my own words) would not be able to receive a fair trial because of all the pre-trial publicity. So I suppose that the judge is implying that our jurors would be too dumb to give this bloke a fair trial. Shit, does that mean that you let this serial pedophile loose on the public so that he has the potential to once again find the resources to soothe his disgusting cravings?

The thing is that there isn’t one community that is willing to allow him to reside anywhere near them and he has already been run out of several towns. It is no wonder that no-one wants him living in their town and his presence has stirred the current town to such a state that police have likened the residents to a ‘lynch mob’ and they even fear for his safety. Well I reckon that one way to solve the problem would be to place him in a jail cell for his own safety.

Fortunately the Queensland attorney-general has lodged an appeal against the misinformed decision to dismiss charges against this man who can only be likened to a monster. That they could consider letting a child molester free simply because they feel they may not receive a fair trial? Whose rights are more important anyway, that of a convicted serial pedophile or that of innocent children?


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