Tony Abbott, Where The Bloody Hell Are You On This Mad Cow Bullshit

I’ve done a couple of posts on how I think Labor’s gone around the bend in allowing meat from countries infected with the mad cows disease into Australia from March the 1st. Why I Think Rudd Is A Bloody Idiot and Has Kevin Rudd And The Labor Party Been Infected By Mad Cows Disease both stated my disgust at Rudd and his labor cronies as they make no attempt to put a stop to this stupidity.

What I find real upsetting is the fact that I’ve yet to hear Tony Abbott‘s stance on this. This would be a real vote winner for the Liberal party and yet they’ve been rather quiet. At least the Greens, Nationals and Independent senator Nick Xenophon have all expressed concern, Nick Xenophon going as far as to accuse the Government of doing a “backroom deal” with the US.

Australia Day 2009
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Honestly Mr Abbott, where the bloody hell are you on this important matter. There’s less than a week left and we haven’t heard a peep out of you. If you would only stand up for your fellow Australians and Australia’s clean meat industry I’m sure you would secure a lot of votes.

I understand that we should be trading with out overseas neighbours but we should be doing it on our terms not theirs. Anyone that wants to export products to Australia should face the same rigorous measures that our Australian farmers and manufacturers have to face. Anything less would put unfair pressures on all Australians.

Come to think of it you should also have a crack at changing our labeling laws. the way they are at the moment we think we’re buying Aussie products when in actual fact we’re not. That’s bullshit mate and you know it. If you want to win the next election then you’re going to have to toughen up and stand up for what is right for Australia and that means not bending over for all those countries trying to shaft us Aussies by exporting their crap with no quality control.

Rudd’s turning into a joke, don’t you get sucked into his wake.

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  1. peter petterson

    And this Kiwi thinks its bullshit too, but as for Abbot; dunno mate?



    1. BS Artist

      What don’t you know about Abbott Peter?

  2. Cody

    What a joke. Mad Cow Disease has killed less than 200 people in the ENTIRE WORLD. Propagandists like the yellow journalist hack responsible for this article simply beat the dead horse of this hysteria in an effort to push bullshit government regulation and veg horseshit to the point where you all sound like a bunch of Moon landing Conspiracy theorists.

    1. BS Artist

      Hi Cody, I removed the profanity from your comment, there really isn’t any need for it.

      Your comment isn’t completely accurate either, as this article explains there were 200 cases as of 2006 and more have been recorded since.

      Besides, the number of cases doesn’t really matter, the question is why would we want to take the chance of infecting even one Australia by importing meat that could be infected?

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