NSW Takes The Lead By Banning Cigarettes

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Yeah, I know I stretched the truth a little there but then I had to get your attention somehow, and lets face it the government isn’t going to get rid of their cash cow. Even though they haven’t exactly banned cigarettes exactly they have introduced legislation that prevents shops from displaying cigarettes and advertising in shops. I know that when my wife first tried to give up cigarettes on our honeymoon she was doing fine until she saw her particular brand on display in one of the stores. Even though it will not prevent the majority from purchasing cigarettes it will help those trying to give it up.

When you consider that cigarette packets and displays are a very powerful form of advertising used by tobacco companies and that it can significantly influence the uptake of smoking among young people, this is definitely a good move by the NSW government, one that the rest of the states should consider implementing. That however is not the best of it as they have also implemented a ban on smoking in cars carrying children under the age of 16, and anyone caught it the act of smoking while kids are present will incur a $250 fine.

The fact that some parents are so stupid as to risk their children’s health by exposing them to passive smoking is staggering and perhaps hitting them in their hip pocket will teach them the error of their ways.


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