Commonwealth Bank Customer Satisfaction Survey Bullshit

If you are a Commonwealth Bank customer it’s more than likely that you have received the following email;

Customer Satisfaction Survey

At Commonwealth Bank, we sincerely value your opinions.
As part of our continuous improvement process, we’re conducting a survey to benchmark the opinions of our customers.
We will use the resulting information to better serve all of our customers

We kindly ask you to take part in our quick and easy reward survey.

In return we will credit $50.00 to your account – Just for your time!

Click here to start the survey

With the information collected we can decide to direct a number of changes to improve and expand our services.

Now the first thing you have to ask yourself is, would the bank honestly give you fifty bucks for completing a survey that many people would do for free? I mean honestly. The link, which I have removed in case some moron clicks on it thinking it would lead to some easy money, takes you to a site that requires you to enter you Commonwealth bank login details so it obviously falls in the phishing category.

Please don’t fall for this bullshit.

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