Kyle + Jackie O + 2DayFM = Bullshit

I’ve never really been a fan of the Kyle And Jackie O Show because a lot of the time I have found their antics to be offensive rather than funny, and I have always thought of myself as being pretty broadminded. That’s the great thing about media, you don’t have to watch or listen to any given program if you don’t want to.


I reckon that there would have been a lot of disgruntled folk out there yesterday who are pretty upset with 2DayFM hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O. Apparently they, along with the morons that manage the show, decided to hook a 14 year old girl up to a lie detector whilst the child’s stupid mother asked her questions about her sex experience.

According to Kyle;

The mum hadn’t said anything about the rape. She was concerned that her daughter was on drugs or was sexually active. Like a lot of mothers worried about their kid, she just wanted to find out what was going on.

I reckon it would have been obvious that the mother was going to bring the child’s sex life up as part of the questioning. One would have thought that as professionals they would have known that allowing a 14 year old to be questioned live on air about her sexuality would have been abhorrent to most sensible people. The fact that they went along with it shows that they were more concerned about sensationalizing the show than anything else.

Even if they didn’t know that the mother was going to ask the rape question, a minor point, everyone knows there is at least a 7 second delay which would have been heaps of time for someone to push the kill switch.

I’ve read a lot of Kyle’s, Jackie and the stations excuses and I’m sorry they just don’t wash. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and I am so glad I do not listen to your show. The only way that this mob can be taught a lesson is if many more of you do as I do and listen to something more entertaining than the tripe offered by this mob of bottom feeding sleazeballs.

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  1. geoff

    And now we have another story about 2dayfm and Kyle & Jacqui making a bogus collection for a needy family and then first of all making THEM go and collect the money 9as if they don’t have enough on their plate with a paralysed child to care for) and just to add insult to injury, Kyle promises $35000 and says he’s going to the bank to get it NOW, then we find that [a] he hasn’t, so when pressed to keep his promise [b] he puts in only $20000 and then [c] to really put the boots in, he says he has to ‘pay off’ the rest in installments (this amount equating to less than 1% of his annual salary or just a bit less than TWO days salary) It must be really tough only earning 2 million $ a year!
    All I can say is that Austereo is responsible for their staff and their actions and I will be turning away from any Austereo station in any state in whivh I happen to be and I think any dinky di Aussie who believes in a fair go should do the same.

    Shame on you Kyle!
    Shame on you Jacqui!
    Double shame on you Austereo!
    Do the right thing!

  2. BS Artist

    Geoff, I’ve stopped listening to them for ages. Thanks for the comment mate, this is the first I’ve heard of this. When did they get back on the radio anyway, I thought they were suspended?

  3. Lil'Fish

    I just thought it was sad that they forced the girl to talk about her sex life on air. Her mum already knew about her sexual experience. But at least they stopped the interview.

  4. BS Artist

    I’m actually rumours that the girl made the whole rape thing up, but even if that is true, it doesn’t excuse them for what they did.

  5. geoff

    Seems they’ll b back on air tomorrow – 18th. Apparently Austereo have had an internal enquiry and cleared them! I think that’s a bit like Adolf Hitler saying Rudolf Hess is innocent!

  6. BS Artist

    That is soooo wrong geoff. The whole thing stinks. I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew what was going on the whole time. I mean, don’t the producers have a say about what goes on the show. Where is their culpability? Man, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing was a publicity stunt.

    Well, I reckon things will change if some more advertisers pull their support and ratings drop.

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