Exactly How Will Julia’s Carbon Tax Improve The Environment?

After stabbing Rudd in the back last year Julia Gillard proceeds to stab Australians in the back by lying about the carbon tax. Now she tells us she changed her mind because it was necessary, much to the disgust of many Australians. Let’s remember that the Labor government got in by the skin of their teeth in the last election, one they would have lost had they not promised that a carbon would not be part of their policy.

What I cam’t work out is how this carbon tax is going to change anything other than adding a huge burden on most Australians. ¬†What makes it worse is that no-one knows what the carbon tax involves. You would think she would have the brains to work out how it was all going to work before making the reversal.

So, let’s ay that they tax those bad boys who are producing most of the carbon, what do you think their reaction will be? Yep, they will up their prices which means they are no worse off. If anything they could actually increase the prices to an extent where they are actually better off. If that’s the case why would they worry about the carbon tax at all.

Let’s say that they can do something more efficiently why aren’t they doing it now. Obviously the cost is too great otherwise they would have done it by now. Considering they have the added cost of the carbon tax where are they going to get the money to make the changes required to reduce the amount of carbon they produce?

Julia says that they will use the carbon tax collected to help those in a lower income. What happens to the rest of it? Will it be used to line the politician’s pockets? Isn’t funny how we have to tighten out belts where they increase their salary?

One of the arguments I’ve seen supporting the carbon tax is they say that Australians are one of the largest carbon produces per capita. I reckon one of the reasons for this is because of Australia’s size and the fact that we have to transport goods over a larger area than the smaller countries. That and the fact that most of our power is produced by burning coal. Perhaps if we could build some nuclear generators, but no the Greens won’t have that.

I honestly feel that this carbon tax will cause more harm than good and apart from costing us more it will also cost jobs and perhaps even go as far as forcing more companied overseas where carbon tax does not exist.

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  1. Sonny

    If they’re going to tax carbon emissions and they’re not fans of nuclear power, the least they could do is use the resulting revenue to invest in developing alternative energy (wind, solar, etc) on a large and sustainable scale. Maybe gradually wean the country off of the fossil fuels…

    1. BS Artist

      You know, that may actually be the idea but 10 to 1 says they will waste the money somewhere else.

  2. Daniel Shelby

    Why would this tax help the environment in any way? Sure they are taxing the big polluters…so? They will have no hesitation in upping their prices which will be past down to the consumer. What will this do for the environment? A big fat nothing. Its BS. Another money grab hidden behind a pollution scare tactic.

    1. BS Artist

      I doubt very much that it will do much of anything other than line the pockets of the greedy government.

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