Chinese Olympics Full Of Lies And Deception

You would think that, what with all the political furor over their treatment of the Tibetans, the Chinese would try their best to show the world what an upstanding nation they really are. Instead they are portraying themselves as shady and untrustworthy. Let’s take as one example the big deal that they made about taking the Olympic Torch to the top of Mt. Everest. It seems that there are those who are saying that the whole thing was staged and they never took it to the top at all.

To qualify this one expert asks why the shots of the torch bearers were so closely cropped. Normally when people film or photograph people who make it to the top they would take in the panoramic views, not so with the Chinese. Also I’ve heard it said that they were way to active and jovial and normally those on the summit are finding it pretty hard to breathe. Then there is also the fact that they didn’t look anywhere near cold enough and lacked the icy bits that form around the nose and lips.

Then there was the opening ceremony and the cute little Chinese girl, Lin Miaoke, who was flying around everywhere. Some were saying it wasn’t very original as we did the same thing during the Sydney Olympics with Nikki Webster. Then the shit really hit the fan when the world discovered that the cute little girl actually mimed the whole thing. The angelic voice actually belonged to 7 year old Yang Peiyi, but Government officials decided that because of her uneven teeth and chubby features she did not present the right image of China. What a lot of bullshit that is.

Now all reference to the story on the Internet has been removed and so once again they show that censorship reigns in China. It seems that hosting the Olympics has taught them very little.


No offense to the Chinese people as I realize they have very little control over what their Government does.

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  1. BS Artist

    It was on one of our daily news program, and they showed the film of the so called climbers and I must agree, they looked way to jovial and energetic and done up as if made up for a photo shoot. Sure didn’t look like a group that has just scaled Mt. Everest.

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