Noel Biderman Continues To Make Money On Peoples Misfortune

Do you remember my post called Shame On Noel Biderman For Promoting Adultery? Well guess what, I actually got a comment from the Noel himself, and surprise surprise, he defends his actions. And why wouldn’t he, people cheat right, and so why shouldn’t he make money from those cheating bastards?

The thing that good old Noel fails to see is that his ads could well be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Every marriage has it’s low point and there are times when you wonder if you made the right choice. Usually these thoughts come about after an argument or during some low point but generally they are overcome and the marriage rights itself and progresses along the right track to happiness.

Imagine if at that very low point in the marriage, they have this bloody stupid commercial thrust into their face and it is all that is needed to start them off onto a path of adultery. Tell me how that is not wrong, that because of one man’s greed whole families are torn apart and the fabric of society for those children involved is torn apart.

Check out this video where Noel actually defends his shameless ads.

The guy is even trying to get a full page ad on the NFL Superbowl, an ad that will be seen by kids, one that says “Who are you doing after the game” complete with provocative imagery. Truly the man has no shame.

Sure life is short, but that is no reason for having an affair, rather it is every reason for staying committed.

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