Doctors And Teachers Hold State To Ransom

The pay dispute between doctors, teachers and the State Government has come to a head. The doctors are threatening a mass resignation and the teachers are threatening strike action. I realize the important place in society these two groups of people have but does that give them the right to be unreasonable? So, are they being unreasonable?

Let’s see, is it reasonable for the teachers to ask for a 21% increase? An increase that they must realize the State Government just can not afford, and from what I can gather it a raise that they believe they deserve because it will bring them in line with their interstate counterparts. Like I stated at the beginning I understand the important part they play in teaching our kids but I do not believe that gives them the right to be unreasonable. Whatever happened to the bargaining table? It should involve a give and take from both parties, where they bargain for a price that both parties can live with. It does not mean that you make a demand and then stick by it, hell or high water.

As hard as the teachers have it these days they have it a whole lot easier than when I was a kid. It was not unusual to have class sizes of 40+ kids and yet the teachers managed to pass on the three R’s, something that seems to be missing from some of the young when they leave the education system. Perhaps the Government would better off by giving the teachers a performance base increase, but I know there would be no way they would swallow that bitter pill.

As for the doctors, I understand that the Government has offered a $150,000 a year pay rise for some doctors. That is an increase of up to 76 percent! Shit that is almost three times that most people earn per year. Again I think it is because they, like the teachers have a “What about me?” attitude because they want to have a wage parity like their interstate counterparts. It’s too bad that they do not realize that we should not compare one state with another because different conditions exist. The biggest one being our relative small population compared with Victoria and NSW. The bigger the population the bigger the pot that the State Governments can dip into.

Whatever happened to picking a job because it was your calling, because it was what you wanted and loved to do? I know when it comes to someone teaching my kids or cutting into my gut I want someone who has a passion for it and not someone with dollar signs in front of their eyes. I realize they should be payed well but let’s be reasonable about it. As far as I am concerned the Government, for once, is doing the right thing and cannot afford to lose the big picture and give into these unreasonable demands.


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  1. WestDoc

    Unfortunately, it is almost wishful thinking that there’s a positive correlation between passion and competency in medicine. As a doctor myself, I have seen so many doctors with tons of passion but limited competency and supreme diagnostician/surgeon but surprisingly no passion just dollar signs. The responsibility we carry is so immense that anything less generous would be considered inhumane… Unfortunately, we just don’t have enough of passionate, competent doctors around to withstand the number of hours/uncertainties/responsibilities to accept low compensation. And NO, it is impossible to identify these people in the premature stage as we all know that interview is more bullshit than bullshit itself and you know it!!! Money truly talks mate and generate quality products… Without this motivation, you wouldn’t be using internet to spread your message (the explosion of internet did not come from a charity organisation).

    “You have no heart if you are not a democrat when you are young , but no brain if you are not a republican when you are old.”

  2. BS Artist

    I agree that a person should be compensated for their expertise, I just don’t think it fair that those from one State jump jump up and down because their colleagues are getting more over the border and then reject any offer made unless it brings them online.

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