Frightful Halloween Poem

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Why a frightful Holloween Poem? Because I know a lot of folks out there love Halloween. As Holloween is just around the corner, I've just uploaded my latest Scary Halloween…

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Sicily Road Trip

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Hey guys, did you miss me? Today's post, Sicily Road Trip, is the first part of many posts of my Italian Holiday. For the first part of my Italian adventure,…

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Funny Videos On YouTube

I've been doing a bit of research, and I've discovered that many funny videos on YouTube go viral. Because funny videos on YouTube are so popular I've decided to make…

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Easy Photo Editor

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I've been looking for years for an easy photo editor that will do a professional job. I don't have the time to process all my photos to make them the…

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Free Or Paid WordPress Theme

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Whether to use a free or paid WordPress theme is something every blogger ponders over. Most stick with free WordPress themes because it's the cheapest way to go. I was…

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Tammy Franks Abortion Bill

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I've never been one to like the Green's policy, but nothing has upset more than Tammy Franks Abortion Bill amendments. You can read Tammy Franks Abortion Bill amendments here. Tammy…

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Aussie Weather

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Are you thinking of moving to Australia or perhaps a little Aussie holiday? Well, it's probably a good idea to check out the Aussie weather first. Before I give you…

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